Yesterday’s #SpreadStyle chat was incredibly inspirational! We gathered on Twitter to discuss whether or not we should always invest in high quality pieces. When should we shell out for that Kate Spade tote? And when should we start looking for cheaper alternatives? There were some awesome suggestions raised throughout the hour.

Looking to join the conversation? Join us live tomorrow at 3pm EST as we discuss our favourite collaborations from past/present/future! Just search #SpreadStyle on Twitter between 3-4pm EST and speak your mind!

Without further adieu, here’s what you missed from yesterday’s chat!

Invest in pieces that can endure multiple seasons

Quality outerwear is worth the investment

You can never have too many shoes

Jewelry is a mixed bag

Shoes & Handbags are worth investing in

What do you guys think? Should you always be investing in high quality pieces? Or are there times where going cheaper is better? Let us know in the comment section below!

And make sure to join us live on Twitter every Monday and Wednesday for our #SpreadStyle chats!

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