When it comes to picking an outfit for fashion week, we’re all about choosing something that makes a statement! However, that’s not the only thing that’s important to us when choosing an outfit. We’re also conscious about our environmental impact and the footprint we’re leaving on our planet. That’s why we’ve researched a vegan, eco and charity-oriented outfit spotted at New York Fashion Week! Kudos to Water Thru Skin for this fantastic look.

The Details

Vest: n:Philanthropy“Apparel with a Purpose. Fashion with a Mission”. This brand is raising the bar for all fur companies out there. No only is this conscious team designing and creating the most fashionable faux fur coats and faux leather jackets but they also donate 10% of their net proceeds to pedriatic cancer research and animal welfare.

Tee: The Tree Kisser. Designed by Jessica Schlueter (TheTreeKisser) and with 10% of all sales being donated to the Love Infinitely Project Animal Fund- an organization Jessica serves as Director of.

Bag: Harveys. These guys rock. Every single one of their products is entirely made from car seat belts and with a recycled plastic bottle interior lining.

Heels: Lulu’s. Faux leather and/or suede vegan heels. One of the only brands designing these.

Jeans: Gap Eco-Friendly. Gap is taking new initiatives to reduce water use and pollution and is part of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition where companies are evaluated on material types, products, facilities and processes based on a range of environmental and product design choices.

Shop the look:

Model: Water Thru Skin // Vest: n:Philanthropy (Similar): Kristen Blake // Shirt: The Tree Kisser // Bag : Harveys // Jeans: Gap Eco Jeans // Heels: Lulu’s


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