Our #SpreadStyle chats are a great way to find out what’s trending in the fashion and beauty community, while connecting with people, bloggers and brands! The best part is, it’s THE place to come and speak your mind.

With that in mind, yesterday’s theme was all about the do’s and don’ts for this upcoming spring season.

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Without further adieu, here’s some of the key moments from our Looks we love: do’s vs. don’ts edition!

DO mix patterns

DO wear ponchos

DO mix bold colours w/ fun textures

DON’T go overboard with the print mixing

DON’T overlook waterproof footwear

DON’T bring out the summer footwear too early

What do you guys think of our list? Are we missing any DO’s or DON’Ts for spring? Let us know in the comment section below! And join us live on Twitter for #SpreadStyle every Monday and Wednesday!

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