Fall shopping can be a bit overwhelming, so we thought we’d put together a quick list of some of our fave picks from one of our fave retailers, Nordstrom. So take a look and let us know which ones are a HIT and which ones are a MISS!


Look 1:  Ten Sixty Sherman top (navy)

Hit or Miss: HIT

Thoughts: This is one of our fave looks coming into the fall season. Now that we’re transitioning out of off-the-shoulder season (sad day), we’re not totally ready to give up shoulder exposure. So this cold-shoulder trend is our new favourite! The top also comes in 3 colours!

Styling Tips: If you haven’t noticed, we think it’s a myth that you can’t wear white after Labor Day! We’re loving this navy colour specifically because you can wear it with white denim and booties for a fun fall outfit that breaks all the rules!


Look 2: Socialite Cowl Neck Shift Dress

Hit or Miss: HIT

Thoughts: This criss-crossed trend is really big right now, so we are definitely wanting to jump on it. As you’ll see below, there’s more colours as well… But there’s something about olive right now that really gets us excited for fall! So really, any other colour didn’t stand a chance. It comes in 8 colours total, so you’ve got tons of options if olive isn’t your thing.

Styling Tips: Suede booties, leopard print purse, and statement earrings.


Look 3: Pleione Textured Knit Top

Hit or Miss: HIT

Thoughts: There’s just something about lace and ruffles that creates a multi-dimensional  look without going overboard.

Styling Tips: This top can easily be styled up/down. Because the top is so feminine, we recommend edging it up a bit by pairing it with distressed denim and black caged heels!


Look 4: Socialite Cowl Neck Shift Dress

Hit or Miss: MISS

Thoughts: Like we said before, most colours don’t stand a chance against olive right now. However, this orange makes for a strong second choice!

Styling Tips: Since it’s already so warm and orange-y, we’d stay away from anything brown or cognac. It would be really cute paired with nude or black booties!


Look 5: BP Rib Knit Tank

Hit or Miss: MISS

Thoughts: This one was pretty, but not the right colour as we’re looking for transitional pieces into fall. But if you like softer, more feminine colours, then this one’s for you!

Styling Tips: Since it’s super feminine, you can make it edgier with some faux leather leggings, black booties, and a chunky necklace.


Look 6: BP Rib Knit Tank

Hit or Miss: HIT

Thoughts: Sleeveless sweaters are our jam right now. Since the weather is till pretty warm, we don’t have a big need for thick, warm sweaters because it’s too hot! That’s where sleeveless sweaters come in! They keep us warmer because of the knit material and allow us to layer on cute jackets without totally dying from heat and having too many layers.

Styling Tips: There are SO many options with such a neutral colour. You could go the edgy route with distressed denim, black booties, and a military jacket. Or you could make it feminine with a tulle skirt and heels!

What do you guys think? Do you agree with our review? Let us know which ones you think were a HIT or MISS in the comment section below!

Model: Erin Howard

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