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Fashion and beauty go hand-in-hand, so it should come to no surprise that, I like to get my hands on skincare products that give my skin a boost, making it smoother and clearer no matter what country I’m in. Flying around, living in an incredibly dry climate and sitting in the car for long periods of time takes its toll. As an avid traveler based in Los Angeles, I’ve been battling severely dehydrated skin and I just don’t drink enough water on a daily basis  – but hey, who does?

Years ago, I was introduced to the Biotherm Aquasource normal to combination skincare line and really enjoyed them.  I’ve since changed products a few times and was delighted to reintroduce myself to their other skincare products, which I’ve tested over 3 weeks.

Body Refirm Stretch Oil

Biotherm Body Refirm Oil Review

I am very, very lucky to only have minor stretch marks around the hips, which I believe most women have, so I applied this oil on the upper hip area. With a scent that is reminiscent of refreshing lime (and reminds me of citrus cocktails!), the oil feels really light. I’d equate it to a light tanning oil that absorbs really well.

I didn’t see any changes to within a 3 week period, but I love how soft my skin feels now.  If you don’t have stretch marks or cellulite, this is still nice to get soft, even skin. For that alone, I’d recommend it for anyone looking for a softer, smoother skin. I can’t verify that any stretching or stretch marks have been reduced, since I have very minor ones and see no difference, but it definitely makes your skin feel really nice.

Rating: 4/5

Aqua Gelée Ultra Fresh Body Replenisher

Aqua Gelee Replenisher

I’m one of those girls that doesn’t like receiving hand and body creams as gifts. I almost never use them. I find most of them way too heavy, don’t absorb well or have strong scents, which give me headaches.

Incredibly light in texture and smell, I’m happy to apply this one again and again. After using it once, I knew I wouldn’t need to keep testing it to know I’d like it – this instantly moisturizes my dehydrated skin and absorbs very quickly without feeling thick or sticky, and it has a light fresh scent.  You can see my dry skin on the right of the knee.  After using it for a few weeks, I found the area more hydrated.

Rating: 5/5

Legs Body Replenisher

Biosource Balm-To-Oil

Biotherm Balm to Oil Review

I wear make up about 2 to 3 times a week and used the Biosource Balm-to-Oil only on those particular evenings. As you massage the balm in, it melts into the skin. It is so incredibly smooth and creamy, and completely takes the makeup off leaving the face feeling clean. It leaves the skin feeling soft and more moisturizing than the oil cleanser I was using.

I get hormonal breakouts, and after adjusting to environmental changes with my move from a more humid climate from East Coast Canada to dry climate in West Coast USA, this didn’t irritate my skin at all. It doesn’t have the most alluring scent when you’re inhaling from the top of the jar, but I didn’t notice it when cleansing and it doesn’t affect the performance of the product.

Rating: 4.5/5

Aquasource Night Spa

Biotherm Aquasource Night Spa Review

The Aquasource Night Spa appears really thick, but surprisingly feels absorbs into the skin well. I didn’t get that nice glow in the morning when I used this over a toner, but when supplemented with with my softener – which helps your skin absorb your moisturizers – I got better results and more hydration. This might just be because my skin is incredibly dehydrated, so I either have to apply twice before bed, or use my softener as the base. With enough hydration, it helps with the acne scar healing process.

My skin is sensitive and the Aquasource Night Spa did not cause any breakouts or irritate my skin. I’d use this for travel when my skin isn’t quite as thirsty.

Rating: 4/5

Biotherm Aquasource Night Spa ApplicationBiotherm Aquasource Night Spa Face


Face Make Up

Overall, I am pleasantly surprised and happy with the Biotherm products. I think there are some huge improvement to their traditional Aquasource Normal to Combination Skin line that I’ve used.  The cleanser performs really well. The body cream is also one that I favour, so I’d definitely take those with me on my next big trip.

What cleansing routine do you have?  What night treatments do you use? If you enjoyed this post, please comment below.  I love learning about other skincare routines and learning how others supplement their skincare products while maintaining great skin.

xo, Miki

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