For each eye shape, there’s generally a corresponding method to make that particular shape look bigger. Fortunately, with a lot of trial and error, we’ve found a pretty universal way to make your eyes look bigger regardless of your eye shape! It takes 4 easy steps.

Step 1 – Eyebrows

The first thing to do is fill in your eyebrows. Eyebrows are everything when it comes to makeup! This brow this way sculpting kit is amazing because you get the two formulas in one little set (perfect for traveling or to carry in your everyday bag). We recommend using the “Dark Brown” shade and use the wax to define and shape your brows. The powder is going to set the wax and give you that natural look. Don’t forget to blend with the little comb. If your brows have a mind of their own, this brow styling gel  will hold your brows in place all day.


Step 2 – Eyeshadow

Ever hear, “you can’t wear black eyeshadow if you want your eyes to look bigger.”

Well THAT’S A LIE and we’ll show you why.

Here, use the MAGNIF’EYES double ended shadow + liner in “Back to Blacks”. Apply it onto your eyelid and then smudge it with your finger for a subtle look. Then, to blend any sharp lines, use the Kate Sculpting Palette in “Golden Bronze” and with a blending brush, apply it onto your crease. Tip: Blend, blend, blend! Lastly, apply the highlight colour from the same sculpting palette to the inner corner of your eyes. This technique will, you guessed it, produce the effect of larger-looking eyes.


Step 3 – Eyeliner

We recommend only applying eyeliner on your tightline or the upper waterline. This technique adds so much definition to the eyes. If you have small eyes avoid applying eyeliner all around your eyes because doing so will cause your eyes to look smaller and we don’t want that, right? Use the Exaggerate Smoke N’ Shine eyeliner in Little Black Smokey.


Step 4 – Mascara

This is the most important step! We’re obsessed with the 24 HR SUPERCURLER Mascara. This mascara has a curling power that, seriously, lasts all day. To give the mascara it’s maximum curling effect start by applying to the top set of your lashes, then place the wand so it hugs the roots of your lashes and wiggle the wand up and out to get the maximum volume and curl. This little trick is also going to give the illusion of fuller lashes!


Here’s the final look. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below! 🙂 xo


Tutorial: The Girl From Panama

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