No matter what time of the year, it seems like dry skin is always something that we’re battling with. Maintaining healthy, hydrated, and youthful looking skin is priority #1 – and it’s no small feat! We had a chance to check out bareMinerals new hydrating line, which focuses on three key steps to achieving healthier looking skin.



The key to healthy skin always starts with the cleansing process. You want a cleansing oil to glide on gently to your dry skin, dissolving makeup and impurities. The bareMinerals Total Cleansing Oil does exactly that.



The next step to maintaining healthy skin is the empowering process. Just like having a balanced diet, your skin needs a boost of vitamins in order to maintain a healthy glow. Reduced lines and wrinkles, increased moisture, and a fortified look – it’s just a bonus that bareMineral’s Vital Power Infusion smells ah-mazing. 🙂



The final step and arguably the most important, moisturizing is the key to hydration and overall healthier looking skin. The Bare Haven moisturizing cream blends a seductive mix of peptides, ceramides, and amino acids with subtle hints of Bergamot and Eucalyptus to gently liven and awaken your skin.



The end result is something you’ll be extremely excited about. You’ll experience increased hydration and improve the texture of your skin while reducing aging lines and unwanted blemishes.

We definitely recommend this new bareMinerals line and are excited to hear what you guys think! Share your thoughts with us below! ❤️

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