Boho chic is one of fave looks going into summer. A perfect mix of casual and fun; sexy and conservative; powerful and playful.

With the crazy amount of fabrics, colours, and accessories to choose from, boho chic is an easy look to overdo – distracting from the overall element and style of your outfit.

Here are a few tips to help make sure your boho chic look successfully borders that line between vintage and modern!

Create a theme from the beginning

Whether the theme is based on colour, fabric, contour, or just an overall vibe, make sure to have a game plan going in!

Choose 1 statement piece

If you need a starting point, pick a statement piece that you absolutely love. For us, it’s these amazing pants! Build you outfit around that piece, making it the focus.


Boho chic is all about accessories. Cool body jewelry, fringe, suede, silk and much much more! Have fun and remember to stick with a theme! If you look closely, Marianna’s earrings match the emblem on her shoes, with her necklace bringing it all together. 🙂

Model: Marianna Hewitt // Hat: Zara // Pants: Custom from Bali // Jewelry: My Jewel Bar // Bikini: Suboo // Flats: $7 flats found in Palm Springs


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