“To travel is to live.”

I used to hear this quote a lot growing up, not truly understanding what it meant. “Sure, travelling it great…” I used to think – not fully realizing the impact it would have on my personal development or understanding of how things work in the world.

Now that I’m older, travelling is something I value deeply, with much of my time spent deciding where I’m off to next. One of the challenges with travelling is deciding how to pack your life into a small suitcase and more importantly, which essentials to bring.

For makeup (especially when on-the-road) less is often more. We suggest something that’ll make you look fresh and rejuvenated, even when you’re struggling with serious jet lag.



Two essentials are:

The NARS Velvet Skin Matte Tint is something you can incorporate into your daily routine, even when you’re not travelling. It’s easy, long-lasting, and gentle on your skin. A dash of the bronzing powder will give you that healthy glow you’re looking for, even when you’re not feeling at your best!


So remember to pack light and hit the road, because the world awaits you!

Which essentials do you use? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


Model + Images: Tamara Kalinic

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