Inspired by the pantone trend for spring, we decided to find a makeup tutorial that celebrated a warmer look! So follow along, because within 15 minutes you can achieve a radiance that’ll give you that extra boost you’re looking for!

Step 1: Primer

This is the most important step in a makeup routine. It’s common to have dry and oily skin with all certain dark spots, so the SmashBox Photo Finish Primer does a great good job lightening the spots and moisturizing your skin.


Step 2: Concealer

Even though primer lightens the dark spots, it doesn’t completely cover them which is why concealers are so awesome. We recommend using Michelle Phan’s EM “The Great Cover Up” concealer. It’s a bit liquidly but it covers well.


Step 3: Foundation

The secret to a flawless complexion is the foundation. Always start with a cream-based or light liquid foundation. In this case, we recommend using Maybelline Matte Mousse as the first layer. To give your skin that nice glow and matte finish, use Smashbox HALO Hydrating Perfecting Powder.


Step 4: Blush

A hint of colour on your cheeks will compliment this radiant look. Since we want to draw focus on our lips and eyes, try applying a light amount of Clinque Cheek Pop on the apple of your cheeks.


Step 5: Eyeshadow & Liner

The radiant orchid look is all about adding drama to the eyes and lips. Here we recommend using RiRi Hearts MAC Eye Shadow palette which has an iridescence finish. To create a subtle smokey look, first apply the base colour on the entire eyelids using a brush. Then using your finger, apply the shadow colour from the midpoint of the eyelids to the outer corners. To make the eyes pop, take small amount of the highlighter colour and apply it to the inner corners of your eyes.

To finish the eye makeup, apply eyeliner to the waterline using a pencil, and then line the eyelids with a liquid eyeliner. We recommend using Stilla Liquid Eyeliner.


Step 6: Faux Lashes

You can’t have a radiant look without long beautiful lashes. If you’re new to wearing fake lashes, they’re actually pretty easy to apply. Start gluing from the inner corners of your eyes and work your way outward. As you press on the eyelashes to your lash lines, also bend them to fit the shape of your eyes.


Step 7: Lips

Our favourite part of this look – the lips! Go for a rich and vibrant colour and remember to moisturize before applying any lipstick.


Voila! What do you guys think? Feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below. And thanks to Alina Dinh for the wonderful tutorial!

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