Bobbi Brown Lip Palette – $60

Have you ever seen a pair of lips that were THE PERFECT COULOR YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR and asked about the lipstick, then tried said lipstick and it looked completely different!?

We feel your pain.

One lip colour can look drastically different on one mouth compared to the next. Here’s why:

1. There’s a WIDE range between natural lip colours.
Even very opaque lipsticks can be altered by the colour you are beginning with on the lips. So if you find a colour looks different on someone else than it does on you, blame genetics.

2. Skin tone also changes everything!
Put a bubblegum pink lip on a porcelain face and you might get the sweetest pop of powder pink. Put it on a tan or ethnic beauty and you’ve got a glow in the dark avantgarde look.

3. Lip shape has a part too.
As if it wasn’t individual enough as it is, there’s also the issue of lip shape at play here. For instance a single shade nude lipstick might look perfect on a pair of puckers that is naturally “pouty” and sticks out from the face because it creates a shadow, therefore differentiating the nude lip from the rest of the face. While that same colour on a woman of the same skin tone might completely disappear if her lips are more flush with her face.

So what do we do then? Experiment until you find what works:


Images: Maskcara

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