Here at Spread, we find it very important to take an ethical and sustainable approach to fashion! That’s why today we’re showcasing Valeria from Water Thru Skin and her amazing eco-friendly and cruelty-free outfit.

The necklace: A recycled paper necklace handmade in Uganda, Africa, with the goal of empowering women and men to rise above poverty through 31Bits Programs. After 5 years in the program, the beneficiaries are ready to graduate educated, healthy and empowered to manage a business with sustainable income.

The bag: Vegan leather and recycled plastic interior lining. Not only do these bags look and feel like genuine leather but their colors and Matt & Nat’s entire Women & Men’s collections will leave you in awe.

The jeans: Monkee Genes’ motto says it all “No Blood. No Sweat. No Tears.” and its mission is focused on designing and manufacturing ethical and fair-trade jeans by paying workers decent wages and providing them with health benefits and safety standards. They also raise awareness of child slavery and help put an end to it.

The boots: By Blanch is a European brand that makes gorgeous and comfortable shoes with high quality vegan materials such as polyurethane and vegetable oil coating. Every pair is made in Spain and is highly durable.

Shop the look on Spread:

Model: Water Thru Skin // Necklace: Thirty One Bits // Bag: Matt & Nat // Booties: By Blanch // Denim: Monkee Genes // Tank Top: Ecoconscious


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