When you think of metallic makeup you might not think it can ever be subtle. We beg to differ! Sparkly, glittery makeup doesn’t have to be over-the-top and we’re going to show you how with this makeup tutorial by Marianna Hewitt. For this chic, metallic look we recommend using Dior products that you can find directly through Spread. Let’s get started!


First, use Dior Diorshow Mono Longwear Professional Mirror Shine Eyeshadow in Chimere. This will serve as an eyeshadow primer and will also add a bit of shimmer to the overall look. It’s a peachy, rose gold tone and apply it all over your lid. You can use a small brush or your fingers for this step.


Second, use the Dior Limited Edition Diorshow Fusion Mono Long Wear Professional Mirror Shine Eyeshadow in Versailles. This palette has all our favourite shadow colours, gorgeous golds, neutrals, and blush tones. Start with the rose gold shade, and pack it on your lid with a flat brush. The great thing about these metallic shadows is that they’re buildable. You’re totally in control of how glittery the overall look will be.


Third, use the brightest colour under your brow. It’s a great highlight that’s not too frosted or dull. After that, use a bit of the gold colour in your tear ducts to brighten the look and open up your eyes. With a fluffy brush, apply the brown shade into your crease and blend, blend, blend. With a flat brush, apply a bit more of the brown shade to your lower waterline as well.


Now it’s time for liner. Fourth, use Dior Waterproof Eyeliner in Trinidad Black. Start by drawing wings on both eyes, make sure they match, then create a thin line along your lashes on the outer third of your eye only. Do the same on your lower lash line as well. After you’ve gotten your liner how you like, use the tapered foam tip on the opposite edge of the liner to smudge and blend. For this look, you’re aiming for smokey and natural so the blending tool will really come in handy.


Almost done! Fifth (and lastly) curl your lashes and apply Dior Diorshow Maximizer Mascara Base. This helps your lashes look longer and thicker. It also helps your mascara work better and also conditions and cares for your lashes. After a few coats of Dior Lash Extension Effect Volume Mascara your subtle metallic eyeshadow look should be complete.

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