Managing a fashion blog can be a tiresome task! There’s a lot of meetings, photo shoots, product reviews, and running around to do. You’re constantly on-the-go, which means you need a big, durable, and (of course) fashionable bag to carry all your things!

This tote by MZ Wallace is padded, so it not only looks great, but it keeps your valuables safe and protected as well.

Working day-to-day as a fashion blogger, here are some absolute necessities to be carrying inside your bag:


Spare Chargers

Smart phones, cameras, iPods, and any other electronics you use on a daily basis will run out of juice pretty quickly. There’s nothing worse than digging into your purse and finding out your phone’s been dead for…well…who know’s how long?


A Scarf

For the blogger who’s perpetually cold. At my desk, riding the subway, in a restaurant – Heck, I’d wear this thing to bed if it was socially acceptable! This is the Vineyard Vines Buffalo Check Scarf.


Vaseline Lip Therapy Tins

Serious life savers when trying to navigate the cold outdoors. The weather in Toronto is abysmal and unless you use some sort of lip therapy, your lips will suffer. These Vaseline Lip Therapy Tins are awesome. Heals dry lips, long lasting moisturizer, and leaves a nice rosy shine! ­čÖé


A Day Planner

For non-stop meetings and appointments, a day planner is an absolute necessity. It’s so easy to forget things when you’re flustered and a good day planner takes all that stress away. Plus, the process of actually writing┬áthings down helps you remember and keep things organized.



It may seem obvious, but a good wallet is super important. Keep your money and cards well organized and easily accessible will seriously do wonders for your sanity. This one by Tory Burch is the perfect size!



Like an umbrella, sunglasses are something you don’t realize you need until it’s too late. Don’t want to get caught with your pants down (so to speak), so it’s better to just always have them on you! These┬áKate Spade’s are sold out, but these Ray-Ban’s┬áare similar and are just as cute.



Duh. Necessity aside, it also counts as an accessory with the abundance of case options!


That’s it! Remember those items on-the-go┬áand you’ll find yourself prepared for whatever the day has to offer.

What do you carry in your tote?

Images: Kelly in the City

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