Hello lovelies!

My name’s Hannah. I’m a 23 year old nursery nurse, beauty expert, and blogger! I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Spread and their wonderful audience!

I wanted to introduce you guys to an awesome product that I use to give myself a French manicure. After I’m done I have salon-like nails for weeks!

I’ve had my Sensationail kit for a year now & I absolutely love it. I haven’t really mentioned it that much on my blog apart from in my December Favourites here, so thought I’d show you how I do french tips, step-by-step using the UV lamp.

Product: Sensationail French Manicure Kit
  1. Get everything out that you are going to be using, there if nothing worse when you remember you need something half way through & end up with fluff stuck to your nails, trust me it’s a nightmare to get off.
  2. Prep your nails using a nail file, I hate this bit, file until you have a rough base, as seen in picture 3.
  3.  Filed base.
  4. Get hold of your finishing wipe liquid.
  5. Use a lint wipe & finishing liquid to wipe all the crappy stuff off your nails.
  6. Apply a THIN & I mean thin layer all over the nail not touching your cuticles.
  7. Put under the lamp to cure for 60 secs.
  8. I used Babydoll Pink, which is a very light pink as my base colour, you can use any colour you would like!
  9. Cure this for 60 secs & apply another layer & cure again for 60 secs.
Product: Sensationail French Manicure Kit


  1. Take the white tips out of the packet & find the correct size for the tip of your nail.
  2. Once stuck on your finger, fold whatever’s remaining under your nail & file around the edge.
  3. When all tips are covered, take the top coat and apply a thin layer on each nail & put in to cure for 30 secs.
  4. Again get the finishing liquid & wipe all the residue off.

Tada.. all done!

Do you use a UV/LED lamp?! If so what is your favourite gel colour?!

H x

P.S. If you need any extra tips for using the Sensationail, check out their step-by-step video!

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