It’s cold, it’s gross out, and we’re expecting temperatures of -36 degrees Celsius tomorrow with the wind chill (that’s roughly -33 for you Fahrenheiters).

Did I mention it’s cold?

This abysmal, some might even say insulting weather hasn’t stopped New York’s finest fashionista’s from taking the streets to celebrate New York Fashion Week FW16. We’ve put together a list of our top 10 looks so far! Hope you enjoy:

02-nyfw-street-style-day-1-phil-oh (1)07-nyfw-street-style-day-1-phil-oh04-nyfw-street-style-day-1-phil-oh05-nyfw-street-style-day-1-phil-oh03-nyfw-street-style-day-1-phil-oh06-nyfw-street-style-day-1-phil-oh22-nyfw-street-style-day-1-phil-oh25-nyfw-street-style-day-1-phil-oh08-nyfw-street-style-day-1-phil-oh21-nyfw-street-style-day-1-phil-oh

Images: Phil Oh

One thought

  1. I love how relaxed these outfits are. I find dressing laid back so much harder than dressing up. My husband laughs because I take like 2 mins to pull something together, but ask me to wear something casual other than my gym clothes and I’m there for like 15-20 mins. lol
    I love the look of fur the most. There’s just something so warming and cozy about it in the winter. You just can’t beat it.


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