When you get into your late 20’s, taking care of yourself becomes increasingly important. This applies to skincare as well. Simply taking a shower, rinsing your face, and heading to bed doesn’t cut it anymore. Your daily regiment of what you eat, drink, and how much sleep you get directly correlates to how you look on the outside.

Brutal right?

Well easily enough, achieving radiant and younger looking skin comes down to keeping things moisturized.


Origins Retexturizing Mask

This mask from Origins contains Rose Clay and helps to purify, cleanse and exfoliate the skin to improve appearance and texture. Apply to dry / clean skin, leave for 10 minutes and then add water to exfoliate around your face and wash off.

Result: Adding clarity and glow to your skin.


LQ Liquid Health Supplements

This little elixir is scientifically formulated to help support and maintain normal skin, hair and nails. A harmonious blend of natural ingredients including: water, passion fruit, grape extract and vitamin-E mixed with marine collagen will help restore and preserve your skin.

Have any beauty tips for us? Feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below!

Images: Charlotte Lewis

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