2016 has offered us a plethora of new products and deals when it comes to makeup and beauty! So we thought we’d put together a list of our fav beauty products for January. Here’s 5 amazing products we can’t live without:

1. Giorgio Armani Hollywood Palette

The Giorgio Armani Hollywood Palette features 10 eyeshadows in a harmonious blend of colours that offer the perfect nude eye on the go.

Shop: Giorgio Armani


2. Ombre Velours Suprême

This eyeshadow glides on smoothly over the eyelid, leaving a perfect matte and powdery finish. Its long-lasting formula also features the powerful exclusive extract of Labrador Tea. It applies easily with the fingertips or with a brush.

Shop: Lise Watier Cosmetics


3. Paul & Joe Beaute Lipstick

This total coverage texture adds daring and dramatic colour for deeply saturated, head-turning hues. Full Coverage formula contains highly pigmented powder that feels creamy and velvety while hugging the lip for intense, true colour.

Shop: Paul & Joe Beaute


4. Liquid Cashmere Fragrance

This exquisite essence opens with a playful burst of juicy mandarin, magnified by cool accents of muguet. An embrace of delicate jasmine sambac and Turkish rose petals enhance the fragrance signature. Underneath, whispers of creamy sandalwood are wrapped in sensual musks to create a seductive veil of irresistible warmth.

Shop: Donna Karan


5. Dior Limited Edition Holiday Look Gloss

The magical touch of fashion and shine. Dior Addict Gloss is a declaration of love for fashion, an electrifying whirlwind of sheer glossy colours that light up the lips with shimmering, pure or pearly mirror shine.

Shop: Dior


There you have it! 5 beauty essentials to get you well on your way to start the new year. What do  you guys think? Have any other product recommendations? Leave us a comment below! ❤

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