1. Carry On Cocktail Kit

Shop: W&P Designs

Give your man the gift of options at 30,000 feet. The holidays can be stressful, and chances are you’ll be flying somewhere to meet up with handfuls of friends and family. What better way to get the party started then by having your favourite cocktail at your disposal?


2. Giant Ice Cubes

Shop: Home Complete

He’ll be needing at least one of these over the holidays. Let him enjoy the smooth taste of his favourite scotch/whiskey without the dilution of typical ice cubes.


3. Minimalist Watch

Shop: MVMT Watches

Crafted from leather and stainless steel with Quartz analog movement, the MVMT watches are not your average $100 timepiece. With tons of different colours to choose from, MVMT watches exude style and class without breaking the bank — ideal for any guy on your list.


4. Beard Trimmer

Shop: Phillips

Sorry ladies, beards are in. It’s winter, it’s cold and it’s unlikely we’re going to be shaving every day. That doesn’t mean things can’t look neat, trimmed and dare I say, handsome? Electric shavers are a godsend, and a great gift since he’ll be using it every other day. Turn it on, set your desired length and start trimming!


5. Hair Products

Shop: Frank + Oak

This makes for a great stocking stuffer. Men tend to overlook beauty/grooming products simply because we know nothing about them. A strong hold shiny finish styling product will be an every day staple in his routine. This one even has protein and echinacea to strength his hair.


6. Underwear

Shop: MeUndies

Made from modal fabric, these babies are twice as soft as regular cotton. They’re the ultimate stocking stuffer. Need I say more?


7. Wool Gloves

Shop: Upstate Stock

We hate to admit it, but we do get cold. These gorgeous wool gloves will take care of that problem. They’re also stylish enough to wear to work. Another great stocking stuffer.


8. Scarves

Shop: Frank + Oak

You can never have too many scarves — they serve a practical purpose, but are also a great accessory that take zero skill to command. This one’s also made from non-itch wool.


9. Giftboxes

Shop: Birchbox

Birchbox will curate monthly boxes of gear and grooming essentials based on your man’s profile, which not only means he’ll receive something unique, but it’s a gift he can get excited about more than just once.


10. Trunkclub Gift Cards

Shop: Trunkclub

A Trunk Club gift card is more than just access to great clothes. Every Trunk Club member has a personal stylist who hand-picks a selection of premium men’s clothing based on that member’s preferences. Want him to start dressing better? Here’s the first step.

And there you have it. Our Top 10 Gift Idea’s For Men This Christmas! Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. And feel free to shop anything on the list by clicking on the links!

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