Have you ever seen a vintage headband from Urban Outfitters and just thought to yourself, “I could make something like that…”

Well, here’s an easy tutorial to help make the dream into a reality! A step-by-step tutorial for knitting yourself a vintage and chic headband.


Step 1: Cast On, Knit Stitch, Cast Off

Cast on 20 stitches onto US size 9 needles. Once you have 20 stitches on your needles, start knitting. Stick to the simple knit stitch. Knit for 14 inches (around 86 rows). Once completed, cast off all 20 stitches.

For an easy tutorial on how to Cast On, Knit Stitch and Cast Off, click here.


Step 2: Fold and Weave

Fold the two ends together so they meet in the centre. You can cut the yarn strands or weave them into the edge with an embroidery needle. Next, using the embroidery needle, sew the two sides together. It should look like this:


Step 3: Pull And Clinch

Once the two edges are sewn together, pull on each end until your headband looks cinched like below.


After pulling the two yarn tails tight so the headband is gathered, tie them in a knot.


Step 4: Cut And Wrap

Once you have tied the knot, you can cut the yarn tails or wrap them around the cinched area to give it a more finished look. Whichever look you like better.


Voila! You’re done.

The headband can double as a vintage chic collar or cowl that will dress up any outfit.

How did you guys like the tutorial? Feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below! We’d love to hear from you.


Model: Elisa McLaughlin

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