One of my favourite Karl Lagerfeld’s saying is “Fashion is like Music. We all have to make our own tune”.

I think this is so true in every sense. To be confident, to feel sexy, to feel empowered has very little to do with what designer labels you are wearing. It’s the mental state that gives you that boost you need to feel empowered, sexy, feminine, confident and everything else. 

I had published a post that featured one of my all time favourite fall jackets. I talked about how much I love this orange jacket to the point of over wearing it. My best friend Kaitlyn Leeb, whom most of you know, was invited to a chic relaunch of a brand and invited me to accompany her. I looked through my closet and wanted to feel empowered and beautiful so I pulled my favourite jacket. At the back of my mind, I heard that nagging critical voice saying “God, this again! Don’t you know you can’t be seen wearing the same thing out more that twice? You will look ridiculous. Wear something else.” But I listened to my original thought and went with the jacket. 

Through out the night, I must’ve met half the room because of my jacket. Everyone loved it and I felt exactly how I wanted to feel. Sexy, confident and mostly importantly I had a ton of fun. Kaitlyn and I made it to the pages of “the most beautiful” that night in one of the hottest fashion magazines in the city. Not bad huh? 

What am I trying to say? I’m saying always go with your gut when it comes to fashion. No one knows how to make you feel sexy, confident, empowered than you so start taking advise from yourself. Start making your own tune! 



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