Spread - Working It 9-5

Hey everyone! I’m Karen an Image Consultant that’s been writing the Work Your Wardrobe With Karen segment with Spread. For my next few posts, I’ll be evaluating what makes these 9-5 outfits work – and what could make them work better!

Outfit: Pam & Gela Striped Sweater and Pleated Skirt / Old Navy Scarf / Shutz Heels

Career Type: Professional-Casual

What Works:
• Great shoes
• The fit of the skirt
• Repeating the navy stripe from the sweater in the skirt

What Could Work Better:

• Generally, any colour in an outfit appears in 2 or 3 places. If it appears only once, the outfit looks unbalanced; if it appears more than 3 times, it’s overkill. The large white scarf has no connection in colour to the rest of the outfit. Since the green in the sweater has not been repeated, it would be great if the white scarf was changed to the green of the sweater.

• When an outfit wears the person, it’s because it’s mismatched to the person. The size of the scarf creates drama, but the scale is larger than the face+hair. If it was similar in size, we would see a harmonious, balanced whole.

Thanks everyone, stay tuned for the next outfit in a couple weeks! Hope you enjoyed 🙂

signature Karen
Karen Brunger, BHEc, AICI CIP
President, International Image Institute Inc.
Past-President, Association of Image Consultants International

Spread - Working It 9-5

Model: BunBunBook

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