Blue Jays Street Style
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There’s a huge buzz around Toronto and the rest of Canada for that matter. Canada’s only Major League Baseball team, The Blue Jays, have made the playoffs and won their division for the first time in over 20 years! It’s exciting. There’s a lot of people coming together in support of the team, no matter what their knowledge and comfort level is with the game of baseball.

If you find yourself at a game, or even a local pub watching the game, it’s important to dress accordingly! Find some swag from your favourite team and don’t worry about going overboard.

Here are some of our favourite street style outfits spotted right outside of the Rogers Centre where the Blue Jays play. Let us know what you think! Clothing options are available through the links in the image captions. #GoJaysGo

Blue Jays Street Style
Amazing t-shirt options through Spread! Or, check out the Blue Jays Shop for some serious swag.
Blue Jays Street Style
Loving the skinny jeans and Converse combo! Perfect for a baseball game.
Blue Jays Street Style
Jeans are perfect for October baseball, it might be chilly!
Blue Jays Street Style
A couple that cheers together stays together! Gotta love the iconic canvas Converse sneaks. Feeling classy? Check out Spread’s selection of Oxfords!
Blue Jays Street Style
When in doubt, just pick team home team colours!

Images: Toronto Life

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