Hi Everyone!

Thank you so much for following and loving our blog. You guys make us feel ever so special! 🙂

My name is Linda Arhin and I am the cofounder of Spread and this blog. My partner and I were inspired to create a safe place where authentic and transparent connections with brands we love were nurtured. I grew (and still am) tired of insincere ads with people claiming to love brands only to find out they were paid to say so. Whatever happened to experiencing the brand first before recommending it? With Spread, our vision is to be the place for real authentic experiences, discussions, and relationships to develop with the brands we love. I’m excited to be part of the regular “cast” here on the blog. I’ve titled my segment “Linda’s Ramblings” because as in real life, I ramble on and on and on about everything fashion! And can’t wait to hear about your ramblings too! Let’s have fun about our passion for fashion and style.

P.S If you are wondering who that adorable puppy is, she’s Charlie. Isn’t she a doll?

Chat soon (in two weeks!)



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