’It’s not how you look on the outside that’s important. It’s how you are on the inside.’ You are likely familiar with this belief that has become a cliché. And I believe it too! Except how you look on the outside can actually affect who you are on the inside. I think this story of one of my clients is a great illustration.

I had met James before. He was a very nice man – kind, gentle and compassionate – if not too exciting. In looks, he was very ordinary – even less than ordinary. He was very slim and wore clothing that made him appear even thinner. His hair was blow-dried back into a helmet-like structure. He had a big bushy moustache, and large eyewear frames. (He actually looked like the Simpson’s neighbour, Ned Flanders.)

I was invited to do ‘make-overs’ at a workshop given by Robert Kiyosaki. I didn’t realize that James was in the audience, until the next day when he called. “Karen, after seeing what you did, I’ve started changing myself. Can you help me get this right?”

I arrived at James’ house, and the most incredibly gorgeous man answered the door. It wasn’t just his chiselled James-Bond type looks and intense blue eyes – the charisma was overwhelming. As I blushed and attempted to put my tongue back in my mouth, he invited me in.

James had merely let his hair be natural, shaved off his monstrous moustache, and replaced his outdated eyewear with contact lenses. But how could this explain the shift in his energy – from a mild-mannered, nerdish, boring type to an exciting, dynamic and highly charismatic ‘hunk’??

James revealed to me, “When I looked in the mirror and saw who I really was, it was so terrifying that for an entire night I lay curled in a ball shaking with the feeling of my personal power.”

When James felt his power, those around him could feel it too.

If you’re interested in learning more about James’ story or the services Karen offers as an Image Consultant, feel free to reach out to her through her website:

And if you’re wondering what James is wearing these days, he’s loving Versace! Feel free to hop on Spread to shop some seasonal favourites:

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Karen Brunger, BHEc, AICI CIP
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Past-President, Association of Image Consultants International

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