With TIFF and NYFW happening in the same month, there is a lot of beauty and fashion overload. Who is the best dressed? Who wore it better? All of these questions come into play during these events and throughout the year. This always reminds me of a beauty regimen that doesn’t always get as much “screen time” as ‘who is wearing what’.

Especially during festivals, fashion shows, big events or weddings, one must always be prepping their skin for their close up. A monthly trip to the spa for a facial will leave your skin feeling amazing, looking full and plump and ready to take on any action. My go-to spa for this in Toronto is Hammam Spa where they use Dermalogica products for my facial and always remind me how important it is to exfoliate your skin at least once a week. If you’re ever in Toronto and are in need of a facial and the most relaxing time, check out Hammam Spa. If not, definitely check out Dermalogica products as it’s definitely made a huge difference in my skin routine.


Author: Kaitlyn Leeb / Spa Products: Dermalogica

3 thoughts

  1. Your skin looks amazing. I have a place at the beach and a convertible. My skin needs some tlc but dont have alot of money to splurge. Any advice?


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