With changing seasons comes changing fashion trends! Free flowing boho style dresses are now refined as we transition into a more modern chic look for fall fashion.

Floppy hats were a major hit this summer and they’re here to stay as we get ready for fall. What I like about this particular one from Topshop is it’s versatility. It can transform and fit to the shape of your face. For those with more narrow and sharp features, go for the floppy look. For those with more shape, then go for a more straighter brim.

What do you guys think of these style of hats for fall? Are they a must-have for your wardrobe?

If you like anything Katey is wearing, feel free to shop any of the products (or more affordable options) directly on Spread by clicking on the links below! ❤️

Shop the look on Spread:

Model: Katey McFarlan / Hat: Topshop / Tee: Lush / Bag: Tory Burch [More Affordable Option: Rebecca Minkoff] / Pumps: Jimmy Choo [More Affordable Option: Sam Edelman]



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