The phrase that every kid learns to dread, “back to school”. Even the thought made me cringe! Summer’s filled with sunshine, outdoor activities and an abundance of free time. What’s not to love? But don’t worry, now that you’re grown up (or getting there), September can be a magical time. For those going back to school, September marks the start of change. Most importantly, it’s change for the better! Whether you’re starting school, a new job, or just getting ready for Fall, there’s no better time than now for self-reflection and positive change. πŸ‘

For the start of fall fashion, it means transitioning back into jeans. Days are going to be shorter and nights are going to be cooler, which means that sundress or cute romper isn’t going to cut it as an all-day outfit.

What do you guys think of this look? The jeans really give off that retro vibe while accentuating a long silhouette.

Shop the look on Spread:

Model: Lindsey Ling / Jeans: Express / Jacket (similar): Monsoon


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