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Loving this super comfortable, super cute chambray button up shirt. I love the vintage look of it and how versatile it is. I can throw it over a tank top with jeans or wear it buttoned up paired with some leggings.

Feeling my real Canadian side come through with this Jean on Jean look I sported on Canada Day! My shirt is from a brand called Holding Horses that I picked up in the petite section at Anthropologie. Threw on a pair of Prada sunglasses and I was out to walk around the beautiful city of Toronto!!

Check out their line on the Anthropologie website. I love the “already worn” look while still keeping it classic and upscale.

Shop the look on Spread:

Author: Kaitlyn Leeb / Button Up Shirt: Holding Horses

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    1. In 1951, the world famous American crooner Bing Crosby was denied entrance into a Canadian hotel because he and his friend were dressed completely in denim. Although the Hotel management eventually recognized Bing and made an exception because of who he was, the story of the incident traveled fast. Friends of his back home contacted Levi Strauss and Co. and the designers immediately developed a custom denim tuxedo jacket for Bing so that he would never have problems wearing Levi’s Jeans, even in fancy establishments.


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