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SPF is one of the most important tools of summer. I think the days of lathering on tanning oil and basking in the sun is a past time that shouldn’t really be repeated anymore due to cancer and aging. However, that doesn’t mean I walk around with an umbrella over my head and covered from head to toe. I love the beach, sun and summer as much as anyone else, which is why a good SPF is a great tool that I carry around with me whenever I travel and always remember to apply it if I know I’ll be out in the sun.

My absolute favourite is the Ombrelle SPF 60, clear, continuous spray. It is SO easy to apply and doesn’t leave a white residue that you have to spend 10 minutes rubbing in (as I have experienced with other brands). This spray kept me protected with its high SPF and took no time at all applying. I highly recommend this brand as it was my “go-to” on my travels to Bali earlier last month.

Shop the look on Spread:

Author: Kaitlyn Leeb / Sun Care: Ombrelle SPF 60

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