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It’s been a long day, the temperature outside is scorching, you check your makeup and that beautiful smokey eye you did on your lids this morning hasn’t stood a chance. Your eyeshadow looks creased and is barely visible at this point. I’ve been there and know greasy lids and creased shadow isn’t cute, but I found a product that will keep your eye makeup looking fresh all day and night!!!

Shadow Insurance by Too Faced is the most amazing primer I’ve ever used! Apply a small amount to your lids before you start with your eye makeup and it will do two wonderful things:
1. Conceal any redness or veins that appear on your eyelid &
2. Keeps that beautiful smokey eye, or whatever look you’re going for, on all day and night. You won’t be disappointed

Shop the look on Spread:

Author: Kaitlyn Leeb / Eyeshadow: Too Faced

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