In the fashion world, it’s always a goal for something to turn from a trend to a staple. You want to wear something thats in style and pray to ‘Lord Almighty’ it stays in style season-after-season.

Well, it seems we’ve found another trend, which relies on combining two classic staples! Lauren combined a plaid shirt and vest from Milk & Honey Boutique in an attempt to create a timeless look that will remain modern and chic.

She’s done some brilliant accessorizing with some Madewell jeans and booties, a Michael Kors slim watch and a beautiful Elaine Turner handbag. A truly perfect mix of style and colour!

If you want to check out any of the products she’s wearing, feel free to shop the look on Spread by clicking on any of the links below. 🙂

Shop The Look:

Model: Lauren Sims / Milk & Honey Boutique: Plaid Shirt & Vest / Madewell: Jeans & Booties / Watch: Michael Kors / Handbag: Elaine Turner

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