No matter what the weather is like or which season it is, you’ll be able to ‘work’ your wardrobe remembering these two simple rules:

1. “Working It” is a state of mind.

Choose articles of clothing that reflect your mood. If you’re feeling bold and powerful, let people know by rocking something sleek, glittery an colourful! If you’re feeling down, there’s no better way to pick yourself back up than by presenting your best self. No need to be extravagant and glamorous. Simply accentuate your strengths and showcase what it is you love about yourself!

2. Don’t let the weather stifle your creativity.

This model (Nichole Ciotti) is wearing a cozy Steve Madden poncho with some fun glittery accents. Top it off with some Mimi Chica leggings and some stylish Lulu booties and Voila, she has found a way to stay stylish, creative and warm during winter!

Model: Nichole Ciotti / Poncho: Steve Madden (Sold Out) / Similar Poncho: Cejon / Booties: Lulu’s / Leggings: Mimi Chica

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