So, I sometimes forget my posts and suggestions are more geared towards us girls and I understand some of the products I talk about guys wouldn’t exactly like to stroll around town with. I came up with some products for our guys suffering in the same frigid temperatures that we are! As my recent post talked about some solutions to help our lips get through the cold and dryness of the winter months, here are some other products that will help as well.

For the guy who wants a quick inexpensive fix for their lips…Good ‘ol CHAPSTICK! I would suggest the original one to stay away from shine or colour and I’d definitely opt for the one with SPF. We can’t forget our lips are skin too and need sun protection, even in the winter.

For guys who like more luxurious brands, there’s Jack Black that includes SPF, and Kiehl’s, which promotes non-shine lips!

At the end of the day, these are just my suggestions on products but I think it’s important for guys to take care of their lips as much we do. I mean, aside from chapped lips never being in style, they also hurt and feel uncomfortable. Remember to keep those babies moisturized and protected from the sun, wind and cold!

Lip Balm: Chapstick / Jack Black / Kiehl’s

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