It’s funny how fashion is always a season ahead, forcing you to plan your outfits way ahead of time. It’s -20 degrees celsius and we’re supposed to be thinking about sundresses…. It can be a little frustrating.

Well, I’m not the type of person to buy something and let it sit in my closet for 3-4 months before I can wear it, so I’m telling you now, “Don’t wait for spring!”

If you see an awesome skirt like this one from Cameo, choose items that accentuate the colour and style and most importantly, pick items to help you stay comfortable and warm!

Model: Courtney Kerr / Blazer: Mango / Aviators: Ray-Ban

This model chose a gorgeous Mango blazer and some sexy Dolce Vita boots to keep her warm and stylish. A blend of professional and street style make this outfit perfect for going to the office, a night out or just hanging out on a Saturday!

Skirt: Cameo / Watch: Michele / Rings: Gorjana / Boots: Dolce Vita

Lastly, she chose to accessorize her outfit with an absolutely stunning watch from Michele and some really cool rings from Gorjana.

So don’t let the weather get you down. Take control of your wardrobe choices and let your creativity shine! 🙂

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