Pulling off successful street style during the winter can be tough because a lot of clothing tends to be bulky. I loved this outfit because Alyssa was able to pull off a trendy look, without it looking like she was wearing 10+ layers!

The key to her success lies in her thermal layering. She rocked a coat, sweater, long sleeve and tank top, all of which were thin. She topped it off with a gorgeous cashmere scarf from Lanvin and Voila, she was ready to hit the streets of NYC for an all day adventure.

Her faux leather coat is by Dawn Levy. The asymmetrical styling and the contrast between faux leather and cashmere make this a warm and on trend piece for winter. Her bag is a hybrid hobo/satchel by Marc Jacobs, and is big enough to hold anything you need througout the day.

Lastly, her booties are from Steve Madden. Leather, durable and a block heel to complete the stylish look.

All of these products can be shopped on Spread by clicking on the links below! Have yourself a Fashionable Friday and a great weekend :).

Model: Alyssa Lenore / Coat: Dawn Levy / Satchel: Marc Jacobs / Scarf: Lanvin / Booties: Steve Madden

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