Trying to rock a skirt during winter can prove to be very difficult. Without proper layering, you run the risk of exposing yourself to winters relentless cold! Luckily, with a couple creative pieces, you can re-create a spring/summer outfit that can protect you from the unforgiving weather.

This oversized cardigan by Bella Luxx is an absolute necessity. Its chunky 2×2 ribbing and short sleeves make it perfect for layering. And of course, rocking a matching skirt definitely helps. The shoulder bag is a mini Drew by Chloé and her shoes are Dolce Vita.

Perhaps by favourite piece in this outfit is her absolutely stunning bracelet! Studdly is an independent etsy brand that’s now available on Spread! A glamorous take on the friendship bracelet, this piece blends casual with chic.

Model: StyleMBA / Cardigan: Bella Luxx / Skirt: Bella Luxx / Booties: Dolce Vita / Shoulder Bag: Chloé / Bracelet: Studdly

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