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Kaitlyn Leeb, actress from Toronto, ON.

Dry, winter lips? I’ve found the answer.

There’s nothing worse than dry, chapped lips and winter just seems to be the perfect environment for this problem. The dryness and cold seem to suck all of the moisture out of our lips, that we so desperately want to keep looking full and luscious.

I found a product by BITE that has solved my lip problem and I couldn’t be more obsessed with it. The agave lip mask by Bite has been a god send. It is so thick and moisturizing, I haven’t had dry lips since I started using it. I pop it on right before bed and when I wake up, I can still feel the product on my lips. A little goes a long way since this lip mask is quite expensive for the size of it, but it will last you!!! And it’s worth it!

Another product that I’ve been in love with is the Dior Crème de Rose smoothing plumping lip balm. PERFECT for everyday use!!!

TIP: need a lip scrub to prep your lippies before conditioning them? LUSH has an amazing sugar lip scrub that smells and tastes amazing! But for a DIY lip scrub, mix together 1 TBS honey, 1 TBS sugar, 1 TSP olive oil and an old toothbrush and scrub away!! 🙂

Author: Kaitlyn Leeb / Lip Mask: Bite Beauty / Lip Balm: Dior

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