At Spread, we thrive on connecting fashion lovers with their favourite brands. At the same time, we’re a social community that offers creative people a platform to meet, collaborate and inspire one another through the pursuit of new and innovating products and ideas.

It’s our goal to build on this camaraderie and inspire one another to support fellow fashion lovers! In order to achieve this, we’ve decided to collaborate with some of our followers. We want to learn more about you; what inspires you; what you love and where you see yourself in the fashion world.

Our fifth collaboration is with Alyssa Picone, a fashion blogger from Chicago, IL. I was lucky enough to interview this bright young woman and gain some insight into her passion for fashion!

Spread: What/who inspires you in your writing?

Alyssa: My blog was inspired by my step mom who gave me the great idea to share my love for food & fashion with the world. The combination of these two passions allows me to express my artistic side; whereas in my healthcare job does not. Knowing that one new recipe or outfit can inspire someone to try something new or jump out of their comfort zone makes all of the hard work and effort that goes into blogging worth it!

Spread: What do you do for a living? Is it something fashion related?

Alyssa: I am a Patient Experience Manager for a Hospital system and a dietitian. So it isn’t fashion related, but that doesn’t mean I don’t bring fashion into the work place. You can make any suit fashionable with the right accessories. A pearl tie or pink heels are the perfect touch.

Spread: Where do you see yourself in the future? Is it somewhere fashion related?

Alyssa: In the future I see myself owning boutique in one of the amazing neighbourhoods of Chicago. I love having that personal shopping experience that you get in boutiques and I would love to have my own someday and share that experience with others! Also, I would love to stay in the healthcare world too!

If you want to get in touch with Alyssa or learn more about her you can follow along her journey in fashion at

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