At Spread, we thrive on connecting fashion lovers with their favourite brands. At the same time, we’re a social community that offers creative people a platform to meet, collaborate and inspire one another through the pursuit of new and innovating products and ideas.

It’s our goal to build on this camaraderie and inspire one another to support fellow fashion lovers! In order to achieve this, we’ve decided to collaborate with some of our followers. We want to learn more about you; what inspires you; what you love and where you see yourself in the fashion world.

Our second collaboration is with Maria Wilson, an accountant from sunny Florida. I was lucky enough to interview this bright young woman and gain some insight into her passion for fashion!

Spread: Who/What inspires you in your writing?

Maria: I gather inspiration from everywhere when I write, everything from nature to magazines to simply how I’m feeling. If I’m truly excited, I try to convey that not just through words, but by the colour choices I make in my fashion ensembles. When I’m feeling sad or discouraged, I try to write about something uplifting. I’ve started to post inspirational quotes on a regular basis. Sometimes all we need is to read a few kind words to get motivated!

Spread: What do you do for a living? Is it something fashion related?

Maria: I am an accountant for a marketing agency. Because accounting and finance isn’t all too creative, I started The Classified Chic as an outlet. It’s a place for me to document all the things I love, like food, design, and fashion.

Spread: Where do you see yourself in the future? Is it somewhere fashion related?

Maria: I feel very fortunate to have had so many wonderful opportunities in my profession. My current job allows and encourages me to continue with my blogging. While I do enjoy what I do now, business analysis and accounting, I see myself delving more into marketing. I enjoy the things that I’m surrounded by working at a marketing firm. Everything from branding to social media strategies to photography catches my attention.

If you want to get in touch with Maria or learn more about her you can follow along her journey in fashion at

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