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Unfortunately exhaustion is sure to happen, especially with the holiday season quickly approaching us. We’ve all woken up with puffy eyes that just won’t seem to feel open at all while we work the hours away, craving sleep and our bed with each passing minute. I may not have the answer to waking you up, but I do have a solution for your tired looking eyes!

Last week, I had the privilege of attending CBC’s This Hour Has 22 Years event at TIFF lightbox in Toronto. Red carpet and all, it was a very fun and exciting time. However, that tired feeling was just consuming my very existence and I knew I had to do my usual routine of making sure no one else could see exactly how I was actually feeling….SLEEPY!

There is one thing I do every single time I have an event, red carpet or even party. I take 10 minutes before I start in with my hair and makeup, and put Skyn Iceland eye gels under my eyes for 10 minutes. If I’m in a rush, I will work on my hair while de-puffing my eyes. I can assure you it will be the most relaxing and soothing 10 minutes of the night. I know I talked about a product by Skyn last time, but this is another one I just can’t live without. Makeup artists I’ve worked with use them all the time and they work!!!! You will definitely see a difference. Check them out! 😉

If you want to learn more about Kaitlyn, follow her on Twitter or check out her IMDb page!

Eye Gel Patches: Skyn Iceland

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