This model definitely went for a statement outfit. Her skirt is Alexandra Grecco, made from 6 layers of tulle to create the perfect shape. Her Nine West booties are the perfect accompaniment. Lace up, cut out and a 3.5″ heel to add the perfect amount of class and balance to a very elegant outfit.

I love these booties because they can be paired with something as classy as a tulle skirt or even with a simple pair of jeans. So have a wonderful Sunday and don’t be afraid to showcase your creative side.

Model: Krystin Lee / Skirt: Alexandra Grecco / Booties: Nine West

3 thoughts

  1. You can’t imagine how much I adore this look! Tulle skirts are the perfect piece for a statement outfit. And those shoes + red lipstick?! It completely gets the attention (specially because I have this addiction for Aquazzura shoes, which always pop up easily thanks to its lace up designs). AMAZING post. I also have a fashion blog you can check right here:


    1. Hi Camila, thanks for checking out my blog! I’m glad you love this post, it’s definitely a stunning statement piece that I just had to write about. Feel free to reblog any content you love and give us a follow. I’ve been following The Geek Chick Blog for quite some time now – keep up the good work!


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