So I think the key word in this title is “warmth”, but there’s no reason that a parka, tights and boots can’t look great! When the weather is 30 below and you need to walk a mile through a foot or two of snow (ok, I sound like my grandparents right now), the best way to “Work It” is to layer up and stay warm.

This outfit is great because it’s aesthetically beautiful. The boots match the gloves, the socks match the toque and there’s just enough faux fur to add some creativity to an all-black parka. This model is rocking a turtleneck underneath, but any regular crew/v-neck sweater with a scarf will suffice.

So make sure to layer up this winter and protect yourself from mother nature! And as always, click on any of the links below to shop the look. Happy Wednesday!

Model: Eleni Dimakis / Coat: ASOS / Toque: Urban Outfitters / Mittens: Warehouse / Boots: UGG

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