Makeup is a wonderful and beautiful thing, but so is the canvas you work on, also known as your face. I find the better you care for your skin, the better the makeup you apply sits and looks. Working as an actress, I travel quite a bit and wear a lot of makeup when I’m shooting, as my makeup artists are constantly touching me up and reapplying every couple of takes. I think it’s safe to say my skin goes through a lot, so my preparation for it is very important to me.

After using and trying multiple brands and products, there are certain things I just can’t live without. My Clarisonic is one of the most important things in my skincare routine. It cleanses 6X’s better compared to just using your hands. You place your facial cleanser on the head, turn it on, and the Clarisonic works it’s magic. You will definitely notice a difference! I use mine every other night or everyday if I’m shooting. Another product I can’t live without is my moisturizer. I love this product so much I want to carry it around in my purse everyday. Cloud Cream by Skyn Iceland is my go-to moisturizer. It’s light and fresh and leaves your skin feeling absolutely phenomenal. I even have to hide it from my husband, as he loves it just as much as I do. Perfect for conditioning your skin, especially in this cold, winter environment.

You can find out wear to buy the Clarisonic and Cloud Cream directly on Spread:

Skin Cleanser: Clarisonic / Cloud Cream: Skyn Iceland


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