Fanny packs used to be the trendiest 90s accessory, besides Puka shells. Don’t believe me? Check out: The Rock modelling a magnificent fanny pack…amongst other 90s cliché’s. In an era where cell phones weighed as much as bowling balls and George Costanza-sized wallets were praised amongst the fashion gods, it kind of makes sense to shove everything into a pouch and strap that bad boy around your waist.

The most shocking discovery, however, is that fanny packs aren’t constrained to #TBT archives anymore. They’re making a comeback!

Check out Matthew McConaughey rocking a fanny pack in August 2014 at a Red Sox game:


In Alexander Wang’s Fall 2014 collection, he decided to reinvent the fanny pack into something modern and called them, “belt bags.” Oh yes. Let’s all hope the influential designer decides to make wearing socks with sandals cool again.


So buckle up ladies and gentlemen! Fanny packs are back 🙂

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