Fall is the best time of the year to get outdoors and go for a long hikes. If you live in a coastal area where the weather has found that niche spot (not too hot but not too cold), then you’re well aware of how gorgeous nature is around you. The leaves are turning but there’s still life in them; the weather is cooling but the sun is still pertinent; and low and behold, you can finally wear layers without getting too hot!

So now that you’re ready to venture outside and explore your beautiful surroundings, it’s important to dress practically. Don’t get caught up worrying about how your hair looks or throwing on a bunch of makeup. You’re going to sweat, you will get dirty and you will completely regret not wearing a comfortable pair of shoes.

We’ve compiled an important checklist for hiking, and have included numerous ways of staying fashionable and trendy, should you come across that special someone along the trails.

Staying Warm


Staying warm should be priority #1. If you catch a chill at the top of a mountain, there’s no way to get rid of it and it’s often a long and uncomfortable walk back to the car. This problem is easily fixed by layering your clothes. Wear a comfortable pair of tights, some heavy duty socks and a warm sweater. There’s no reason you can’t wear something modern and fun, as long as you don’t mind getting it dirty!

Sweater Options: Barbara Bui / 525 America / BDG / Scotch & Soda / Lululemon

Finding The Right Shoes


Since it’s fall, the conditions might be damp and muddy in a lot of areas. Choose a pair of shoes or boots that are durable, warm and most importantly, comfortable.

Shoe options: Zara / Merrell / Timberland / Anna Tammy / Easy Spirit

Get Sporty


While it’s probably unrealistic to where this amount of makeup, gearing up in Lululemon pants, a sports top and some activewear will ensure you’ll stay comfortable, breathable and ready to move quickly! So if you’re looking for a workout as well as a hike, dress accordingly!

Sporty Options: Lululemon / New Balance / Under Armour / Forever 21

Bring A Backpack


You’d be surprised at how much you need, especially if you’re going on an all-day hike. Water bottle, snacks, extra clothes, blanket, first aid, toiletries, the list could go on…

It’s important to be prepared for anything, so choose a bag that’s lightweight, comfortable and durable!

Backpack options: St. Laurent / Master-Piece / Paul Smith / Urban Outfitters

Have Fun

Don’t forget why you’re out there. Take in the scenery, explore cool trails and take the time to connect with nature and the person you’re hiking with! An added tip: keep your Instagramming to a minimum. The best filter is what you see with your own eyes.

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