1. A Degree Farenheit


After graduating from Fashion school, Yu Amatsu moved to New York in 2004 where he worked as a pattern maker for brands like Jen Kao and Marc Jacobs and has won the Gen Art International Design Competition twice.

Amatsu’s skills as a pattern maker can be seen from his intricate details and the beautiful structure of his clothes. He aspires to create clothes with a message, and to bring the wearer’s individual value to a higher level.

2. Ambell


Bunzo Kadono graduated from ESMOD Paris. He gained experience at Anne Valerie Hash and Veronique Leroy, and started Ambell for the 2010 a/w collection.

Ambell incorporates an avant-garde approach and delicate clothes-making, and offers modern “basic” clothes along with fragrance.

3. Atsushi Nakashima


After graduated from Nagoya Fashion College in 2001, Atsushi Nakashima entered New Lead Factory. He won the 20th Onward Fashion Grand Prix. and moved to Paris in 2004, scouted by Jean Paul Gaultier to work as his assistant. From 2009, he has been in charge of a new diffusion line until he came back to Japan in 2011.

4. Hiroko Koshino


Hiroko Koshino is one of Japan’s representative brands and is highly appraised worldwide. 5 women’s ready to wear lines: Hiroko Koshino Couture, Hiroko Koshino Premier, Hiroko Koshino, Trunk, and Hiroko Bis, together counts 250 shops in Japan and overseas.

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