When fall begins, it’s easy to picture yourself wearing breezy clothes and embracing the warmth of what always feels like an endless summer. Yet, come October I find myself more concerned with regulating the temperature on the thermostat and contemplating whether or not I’ll need an extra pair of socks and a fleece scarf for my commute.

To help ease the pain of cold weather and minimal sun, this #TBT is dedicated to sunny days, white sand beaches and boho living. Check out the Free People kimono and Da-sh & Dol anklets on spread by clicking on the images.

4 thoughts

      1. I noticed that! I started playing around with your app last night and really like it! I love how you can scroll through the images in a large picture stream, it’s really great for style inspo and by clicking on the image you have options to like, want it, or own it ( if you click any of thOse options it saves to a list so you can always go back and view it) PLUS you have the option to view the image which tells you where you can buy it and how much it is!!! Brilliant πŸ™‚ XX Chels


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