Thanksgiving comes and goes every year having shared quality family time, an abundance of laughs and an absolutely ridiculous amount of food. You show up wearing a festive fall outfit and have a firm grasp on a heavy dish filled with homemade stuffing.

You’re happy, you’re hungry, and you’re hoping whatever you eat tonight will be gracefully hidden by a strong belt and strategic layering.

Well here’s our guide to taking on thanksgiving dinner and most importantly – leaving with just as much grace and dignity as you had walking in the door!

1. Layers

Layers are your friend. In fact, they’re that friend you had no idea you needed until you’re draping their warm embrace over your cold shoulders!

2. Leggings

What’s the answer to the embarrassing “unbuttoning your belt” problem? You guessed it, leggings. They’re warm, versatile, expand as you do throughout the night, and the best part is, you can wear them under any skirt or dress!

3. Socks and Boots

Thanksgiving usually marks the time where the weather firmly shifts and it feels more like winter than anything else. Wearing some knee-high boots will allow you to stomp through grimy conditions and some warm socks will act as slippers as you tiptoe your way around relatives and in-laws.

The Result:

Cardigan: Urban Outfitters / Dress: Vince / Boots: Nine West

This model seems to be warm enough with her big socks and knee-high boots, however leggings are something that can be stuffed away into your bag and put on after dinner when you’re feeling the most self-conscious. Like what she’s wearing? Click on the photo or the links below it to explore her Urban Outfitters cardigan, Vince tunic and Nine West boots. To view some legging options, click here.

So come prepared this thanksgiving – layer up and end the evening feeling just as sexy as you felt starting it.

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