Last year Marc Jacobs, Rita Ora, Missoni and Rag & Bone worked luxe versions of the scrunchie into their FW13 Collections. In terms of style and practicality, scrunchies are actually the win-win of all hairstyle accessories! They’re big, bright, soft and transform literally any hairdo.

So what’s the downside?

Well, trying to wear a scrunchie in a way that doesn’t make you look like you’re in a 1990’s workout video can prove to be a difficult task. Don’t worry! We’ve compiled three foolproof ways to rock your scrunchie to keep it modern and practical.

1. Sock Bun

For those of you with longer hair, throw it up into a sock bun and slide a bright coloured scrunchie over top for a ballerina-style look!


2. Braid

Use a brightly coloured scrunchie to cap off the end of a braid. Make sure to tie it tight, otherwise your Katniss Everdeen look may turn into a mad scientist look real fast.


3. The Beehive

A scruffy bun is a great look. It’s easy to throw up and it can show off your new highlights and flawless neckline. Wrap a scrunchie around it twice and try not to whip your head around too fast.


For more hair accessory inspiration, check out the headband category on spread!

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